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=22 Nov 2003 --- 02:17am=
If you're only seeing unlocked posts, it's because you are not on my friends list. This journal is FRIENDS ONLY. If you were previously on my friends list, you were removed because either I never read your posts or because you didn't comment to my post and I decided it was time for you to go. Comment if you want back and I'll see. Also, if you added me and I never added you back, remove me please, I'm obviously not going to add you back.

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=07 Oct 2003 --- 09:10am=
I'm making this public. Oops? Ferrin, get a fucking life and stop HARASSING everyone. Stop STALKING everyone. You wanna file a lawsuit and get restraining orders? Bring it on. I'll guarantee you that you'll lose. I'm sick of your 5 year old games. Grow the fuck up. I hate you. If it's against the law to hate someone, then lock me the fuck up. I think I, and everyone else involved, have VERY fucking good reasons to hate you, so deal with it. You annoy the fuck out of me, you're a whiny bitch, you complain about every fucking little thing, you lie, you lie, you lie, YOU LIE, and you blow everything out of proportion. So kindly fuck off, get a life, grow up, open your eyes, and realize THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD HAS PROBLEMS...THE WHOLE FUCKING WORLD HAS SOMEONE THAT HATES THEM...YOU'RE NOT THE ONLY ONE. I'm done, your 15 minutes are up.

Edit: Nah you know what, you're going too far now, I'm calling my aunt...paperwork will be started tonight.

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=07 Mar 2003 --- 06:13pm=
Ahhhhh I'm deleting...I'm freaked out right now.

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*\ATTENTION EVERYONE/* =15 Feb 2003 --- 10:31pm=
:: mood -- busy ::

[EDIT]: I've deleted those who haven't replied as of 2-17. I belive there was only 3. So if you don't see any more recent entries from me, you've been removed. If you want to be readded, comment and I'll readd you.

Yes, this is a public post. That means I have something important to say.

I'm cleaning up my friends list. First things first. If you're added me and I haven't added you back and it's been a long time, I'm not adding you. Sorry, that sounds bitchy...but for some reason I decided not to add you. Please take me off your friends list (it's just wasting your space since you won't see anything I post) Next, if you want to stay on my friends list, please comment and say so. Otherwise, within the next few days, I'll be removing those who I don't hear from. If you're an RPG journal you don't need to reply...I'll keep you anyway. If you're pretty sure I'll keep you, then you don't need to reply either. If I do end up deleting you because you didn't reply, comment and I'll readd you.


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